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Turnkey project designs are prepared on a customer-by-customer basis according to the following practice:

 1. Working closely with plant personnel to understand the problem and discuss possible solutions;  on-site visits as necessary.
 2. Conceptual solution proposal an approval.
 3. Detailed design with complete prints for manufacturing.
 4. After final customer review, manufacturing is completed.
 5. Testing occurs prior to shipment.
 6. Delivery and installation support if needed.
 7. Training and commissioning if necessary.
 8. Prints, recommended spares, parts lists, preventative maintenance schedule and an  engineering package are submitted to customer.

Problems are solved using proven design and techniques while incorporating the latest technology available. Innovative and cost-effective designs are developed while closely working/communicating with plant engineering staff. Project accuracy and thoroughness are assured by internally operating all aspects of the problem solving process from concept to shipment.


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